you are beautiful.

What is beauty...

No culture, company or concept could ever define beauty. It is composed of the moments that draw upon our strength and consume us with the remarkable and intoxicating experience of being alive.

We are all unique, with experiences and memories that tie together seamlessly into a blanket of our own versions of beauty. We are different shapes, sizes, colours and heritage. We are activists, innovators, achievers and inspirations. We are the lives and the change we create.


...that is beauty.

Henna Art

The use of Henna for body art is several centuries old at least. The people of ancient Egypt and India used this form of temporary tattoo for religious ceremonies, wedding festivals, and for simple body adornment.

Today, Henna is a great way to adorn yourself with beautiful one of a kind body art. It is a wonderful form of self expression and is great to do with friends, for

birthday parties engagements, weddings, proms, graduations, before a vacation, a girls night out, baby and bridal showers, pregnancy, corporate events, fundraisers, community events, before a permanent tattoo or just to have fun.  
Henna is a stunning accessory for any 
and all occasions.


Small ..... $30

Medium ..... $55

Large ..... $85

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