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“The soul thinks in images.” - Aristotle


"The Tarot is a series of images; a mystical, symbolic system, and a profound visual map of universal consciousness that allows us to communicate in a deeply meaningful manner with our higher self. As we are all aware, the unconscious mind communicates by means of symbols and images. The Tarot can be thought of as the alphabet of the unconscious mind and understood as a visual expression. 


It can offer insight into all aspects of our lives, especially the underlying drives, motives, and complexes. The images on the cards can act as mirrors for the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical levels of consciousness. As a symbolic map, the Tarot shows us our layers of consciousness.  The seventy-eight cards that comprise the Tarot deck therefore are a sacred text encoded in symbols and pictures.

Currently the emphasis on Tarot is as a means for inner exploration, a means for self-analysis, and as a pathway for self-knowledge. It also provides a unique centrepiece for metaphysical themes that are most relevant to our life path and spiritual/soul growth. It offers us a direct link to the vast wisdom of the collective unconscious." - Jayne Marie

Discover what the future may hold for you and get answers to your questions by having a private face to face tarot reading.

30 Minute Reading ..... $65.00

45 Minute Reading ..... $90.00

60 Minute Reading ..... $125.00


Readings are given in the strictest confidence. You are welcome to record your session with your mobile or other recording device for future reference or to take notes during your reading.

  • Readings are provided to people over the age of 18 years old only.

  • Tarot readings are not a substitute for professional, medical or legal advice.

  • All readings are for entertainment and general guidance purpose only.

  • All decisions are the clients own personal responsibility and free will.

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  • Monday-Friday - 11:00 am - 5:00 pm (excluding Bank Holidays)

  • Saturdays -11:00 am - 4:00 pm

  • 705-718-4112

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