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Susan Bishop | Founder| Aromatherapist | Product Formulator

Founder and creator, Susan Bishop is a Certified Aromatherapist Holistic Practitioner, Formulator, Massage, Indian Head Massage and Reiki Practitioner.  She is a Board Member of The Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists.


Her knowledge and products have helped many people with all kinds of conditions.  Her favourite word is Balance.  You must; calm the mind, strengthen the body and empower the spirit.

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Nicole Bishop| Co-Founder |Creative Director |Tarot Reader

Nicole Bishop is a Graduate of Concordia University in Montreal with a Fine Arts Degree where she majored in Art History.  Following her graduation she has explored many different facets of the Arts.  She has produced stage plays, music concerts and short video productions. 


Nicole grew up loving creativity + art + always felt a very deep connection to the spiritual realm. She firmly believes that channelling creativity is a spiritual experience which was a big part of what led her down her current path as Creative Director. 


From a young age she was drawn to the lore of witches + witchcraft but never knew how to actually practice. It wasn't until she was in University that she discovered paganism + magickal spirituality. Tarot cards, crystals, pendulums, candle magicks - it was life changing. 

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