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"Scent is the only sense that can transport you to another place and time." - Susan H Bishop

We can thank the early Egyptians for their inquisitive minds and noses for discovering perfume.

They used scents for everything like religious ceremonies, burials for family and ritual preparations and daily wear. The rich elite of Egyptian society would adorn themselves with scents like lily to denote their status. 

In 41 BC Cleopatra set out at the head of an ostentatiously equipped fleet to impress and seduce Mark

Antony. She reputedly ordered that the opulent purple sails of her gold-prowed ship be drenched in perfume so that the divine scent would beguile the onlookers who lined the shore to witness her arrival. Cleopatra's perfume was most likely a perfume based on Rose and Neroli.

Once the use of perfume had become known, Persians would wear it to showcase their political status amongst the people.


It was only when the Greeks and Romans began using perfume did it become seen as an art and was then mass-produced for anyone who could afford it.

The Egyptians used to make their scents using essential oils naturally derived right from the source, whereas today's methods of perfume making are a little more complicated. 

At Bishop Botanicals, custom made perfume is designed in the traditional sense and made specifically for you


When you decide to pursue the art of perfume and begin your process of designing your custom scent, you have the endless  possibilities of creating a whole range of products, along with your perfume, such as:

  • Shampoo / Conditioner

  • Soap / Body Wash

  • Hand Soap

  • Body Cream

  • Laundry Detergent

Scent is a personal thing. No two people wear the same scent the same way and in an age where natural, customized products are the epicentre of beauty and experience, Bishop Botanicals wants to create this scent experience for you.

You'll begin working with in an in-person consultation and we will explain the process, the creation of top notes, middle notes and base notes, building accord scents and more.  

The process of having your custom perfume created can take anywhere from one day to a few weeks time. 

Start your 'Scentual' experience today.

Private consultation only. 

Prices vary on oils selected.

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