Melaleuca alternifolia

  • Plant Family: Myrtaceae. 
  • Method of Extraction: The oil is steam distilled from the leaves of the bush.
  • Main Therapeutic Properties: Antibacterial, Antifungal, Anti-infectious, Immune tonic, Antiviral, Analgesic.
  • Oil Appearance: Pale yellow
  • Fragrance Profile: Tea Tree Oil smells medicinal, fresh, woody, earthy and herbaceous.
  • Perfumery Note: Middle
  • Chakra: Throat.
  • Chinese Element: Metal (& Fire). 

Therapeutic Grade. From Australia.

Tea Tree is deeply cleansing, thus an important oil for use in infections, problem skin, colds and flu and boosting the immune system. It is often used in hand washes and skin care.

Tee Tree is a small tree that grows up to 7 meters in height.


Weight: 10ml

Tea Tree Oil

  • Try adding 25 drops to a bottle of shower gel for a really cleansing experience.

    For problem skin, blend 2 drops of Tea Tree in 5ml (a teaspoon) of Jojoba oil - apply twice daily.

    Try a weekly steam facial using 1 drop of Tea Tree with 2 drops of Mandarin in a bowl of just-boiled water. Tea Tree may irritate some sensitive skins and, although a very small amount may be dabbed neat on spots, insect bites and cold sores, most people would not recommend this for sensitive skin types.

    To help keep feet fresh and healthy, try using 2 drops of Tea Tree with 2 drops of Lemon in a foot bath.

    To maintain healthy hair for children and adults alike, dilute 5 drops of Tea Tree, 3 drops of Geranium and 2 drops of Lavender in 20ml of Coconut oil. Massage into the scalp and leave for as long as possible before washing out thoroughly with a mild shampoo.

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