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Help balance the 7 major chakras of your natural energy system with our Chakra Balancing Perfume Oil Full Set. Chakras are subtle energy centers that intersect with our body, mind, and spirit. When our chakras are in balance our natural energy flows smoothly creating a sense of overall wellbeing.

Use these essential oil blends when you want to incorporate self-balancing rituals into your self-care routine.

These blends were created with the intention to support balance in each of the individual chakras while providing a gentle calming experience. 

The Chakra Set includes a 10 mL perfume bottle for each of the 7 chakras.  Each perfume blend targets a different energy area and has a variety of aromas and can be used by inhalation or topical application. The 7 chakras in order are Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown.


Certified Cruelty-Free

No Added Synthetic Fragrances

No Added Chemicals or Alcohol

No Added Parabens

No Added Phthalates

No Added GMOs

Handmade In our Collingwood Studio

10ml each bottle

The 7 Chakra Perfume Set & Crystal Roller Balls

  • Apply to all chakra points, wrists and back of neck as often as desired.

    Shake well before each use.

    *Not for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

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