why nebulizers?

There are many different types of diffusers on the market today.


Diffusers use heat to disperse the essential oil into the room. This can be problematic as they change the chemical composition of the oil.

Diffusers release a lot of moisture into the air which can dilute the essential oils so you are not receiving the full benefits of aromatherapy. 

Also, a tank full of water can quickly grow mold and fungus. Most diffusers are made of plastic, look cheap, break down quickly, leak or emit very weak benefits.

Nebulizer diffusers are the best diffusers that you can get.

Nebulizers have a small air pump that blows air across a small tube that pull the undiluted essential oil from the bottom of the tube to the top in a fine spray.

The mist is entirely composed of the essential oil. There is no water and no heat. Therefore you are getting a superior therapeutic application of aromatherapy. 

The nebulizer disperses the essential oils quicker than other diffusers so they create a higher density of essential oil to air. 

The nebulizers today are also more attractive aesthetically, as they are made of hand blown glass and wood. 

When using a nebulizer, the maximum time to use it is ten minutes, one to three times a day. The higher concentration needs less time.

Bishop Botanicals believes in nebulizer diffusers and offers them in-store.

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