I recently developed Phlebitis. The varicose vein in my left leg became inflamed, red and very painful. It has made getting around very difficult and getting a good nights sleep almost impossible.

Susan became aware of my condition and was quick to provide a safe alternative to deal with my pain. She formulated a cream with specific ingredients to ease my phlebitis inflammation. The cream stays in the fridge as per Susan's instructions and I apply it twice daily. It is cooling, soothing and helps me sleep more comfortably.

I am so thankful for her caring concern and her knowledge in procuring a safe alternative to taking pain medication. 

Even though I still need to undergo surgery to treat the phlebitis, I will continue to use Susan's natural cream remedy alongside the conventional treatment from my doctor. 

I strongly recommend Bishop Botanicals for the knowledge and specialized care.

Eva Van Linthout

I would like to express my gratitude to Susan Bishop for her tenacity and knowledge in producing a cream for my psoriasis. 

After swimming in a public pool one day, I decided to use the hot tub in the complex to take the chill off. Within one week, my feet and hands became raw and scaly. I was diagnosed with postural psoriasis. 

I was prescribed topical medication, which cleared the infection but was left with plague psoriasis. I was off my feet for three months as every step opened up lesions.

As directed by a physician, I applied goose fat to calm the scaliness. 

Upon connecting with Susan, she developed a cream, which calmed the redness and soothed my skin to the point where there was no tenderness when I wore boots and shoes.

As of now the redness is gone and the scaling is under control. I can now wear sandals and feel comfortable. 

This cream has softened my skin and has a lovely aroma. Thank you again Susan for your determination and care. I highly recommend Susan Bishop!

Barb Newson

My son, now 3 years old, was always having a hard time breathing or catching his breath, which started about 3 months into his life.  Unlimited hospital trips, several doctors and no conclusions. As a parent, you are ashamed, scared, worried, sad, angry…every emotion because no one seemed to have an answer for me.


Lost, I turned to an MLM selling Essential oils because a family member was raving about how much they have helped them…little did I know at the time the damage they would cause. I just wanted to help my son. So without doing my research, I started to defuse the oils in his room, in the house, digested them and topically applied them to my son.


I met Susan about 6 months into using the MLM Essential oils.  we started a conversation about oils and I asked Susan, whom is extremely knowledgeable with oils, why I wasn’t seeing any improvement with my son's condition. I was doing everything the MLM rep told me to do.


The look on Susan’s face made me realize that perhaps I have done something wrong. She explained to me to why I shouldn’t be using the oils the way the rep had told me. The oils can be extremely harmful if not used properly and that you should never use them on a 1.5 - year-old like I was.


I was horrified. What had I done? How can I fix this? Susan told me to stop using the oils, no diffusing, no topical and definitely do not ingest them. She told me to clean everything in the house, wipe down the walls, open windows…just to get the oil residue out. I did as she asked, I’m a mother, whose son was ill. I would never give up.


Within two weeks of Susan’s advice my son’s condition was improving. First, he slowly was able to eat food without having to hold his breath to chew. Next to go was the oxygen machine that he was on to assist his breathing. Then he was able to run and not lose his breath. He was sleeping through the night and my baby monitor didn’t go off, due to his coughing.  


My son is now a healthy 3-year-old boy. He is faster then some children his age, an amazing swimmer and full of energy. You would never know that his life had such a rough start.


As a mother, you try and do the best you can for your child or children. Meeting Susan was a God send. She saved my son's life when no one else could figure out what was going on with him.


I am grateful everyday for Susan and her help. Do yourself a favour and visit her, you’ll be glad you did.

Silke Ruetz

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