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Rejuvenating Night Cream


"A Wonderful Moisturizer.

I have dry skin sensitive to many beauty products. This product works for me. It has a heavier texture which keeps my skin feeling moist throughout the day."


Brightening Serum with Vitamin C


"Awesome product.

Love the serum. I started seeing the difference in my skin in a week."

Saeka S.

Botanical Hydrosol


"Hydrosol Facial Mist.

I mist my face several times a day...definitely in the relaxes me instantly & a bonus for my facial skin too!"

Roma A.

Hair & Scalp Oil


"Hair and Scalp Rejuvenation Central!

I have been using products from Bishop Botanicals for well over a year now and recently discovered this beauty. I love the way it makes my hair (and scalp) feel after use.


I have been using it once a week as an overnight treatment and my hair is even healthier than it already is naturally. I would recommend this product and buying anything else from this dynamo-duo of mother and daughter any day of the week.


They place their knowledge, nourishment, and love into each product. A real different you will see and feel."


Facial Scrub


"Very gentle on skin.

I have used other exfoliants before but they always felt a bit harsh. I have aging skin, so I don't like to use anything harsh. The Facial Scrub is very gentle and I have no qualms about using it twice a week.


My skin feels so smooth afterwards and I notice my face colour and texture look more even, and dare I say "blushing" the more I use it."

Jan S.

Sole Butter


"Feeds my soul by nourishing my soles!

This stuff is dreamy. Poor circulation leaves my heels really dry and I have been trying so many products to make it better. It doesn't help that I hate wearing socks, even in the winter!


After a week of using this sole butter, my feet have improved! I have started using it on my cuticles as well. I also can't get enough of eucalyptus, it smells so great... I really enjoy the nighttime ritual of putting it on and can't imagine going to bed with out it.

Alison S.

Rejuvenation Day & Night Skin Set


"My Forever Go-To.

This day/night cream set will forever be my go-to. The texture is so lovely, and they make my skin feel super hydrated all day and all night. It smells great too!"

Sam S.

Jasmine & Ylang Ylang Conditioner

"I love this stuff! I love the way it smells and feels. Its a nice lil luxury. It moisturizers my hair so well that I could almost skip an oil or leave in afterwards. Its nourishing and hydrating without making my hair heavy, stiff, or sticky.


I have shoulder length wavy hair with highlights that I'm growing out and this supports all that and more. Super impressed! Nicely done."


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