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Why The Double Cleanse Method Is Our Skin's Favourite Way To End The Day

Since hitting our shelves & our site, our Facial Oil Cleanser & Facial Cream Cleansers have quickly become a BB fave. Noted by some clients as their “holy grail,” we decided to dive in deeper on what makes them such a winning combo when it comes to your skincare ritual.

Made famous by K Beauty specialists & lovers alike, the double cleanse method boasts huge results for the appearance & texture of the skin while also having a positive impact on your skin’s long-term health. Whether you have dry, oily, combination, sensitive or normal skin, the double cleanse method offers a ton of benefits on top of increasing the potency of your other products as well.


Staying hydrated is vital for our overall health & well-being. With our bodies being made up of mostly water, we need to keep replenishing our systems so that we can properly function. Water is the key source of detoxing the body & helping the organs to flush away anything that needs to be excreted from the body. It also helps protect your tissues, spinal cord & joints, aids with digestion, the list goes on. Our skin is no different, both internally & topically.

Without moisture, your skin becomes dry, tight & flaky & can then become super sensitive to environmental irritants & pollutants & will potentially struggle with flushing out toxins. Essentially, without good nourishment, it becomes more & more vulnerable.

While it’s common to think that using drying agents or ingredients on the skin to get rid of acne or excess sebum is the right way to go, the opposite is actually true. Oftentimes the skin starts to overproduce oil because it’s dry, acting as an indicator to us that we need to drink more water & use more nourishing topical products or remedies to help it out. In turn, sometimes dry skin can be a breeding ground for acne as the skin desperately tries to get oils on the skin.

This is where the Facial Oil & Facial Cream Cleansers come into play. Great for all skin types as it acts in a multitude of ways, the cleansers work in unison to remove things like makeup, sunscreen, environmental pollutants & more all while nourishing & adding moisture to the skin’s surface. Through this process, the skin does not get stripped & no damage or stress is caused to the skin barrier function. Rather, the double cleanse method utilizes a blend of oils followed by a cream that works to maintain & add moisture as it gently removes whatever needs to be washed away from the dermis, leaving the skin clean & soft, never dry.


Starting with the Facial Oil Cleanser, massaging it into the face & neck, gently removing any remnants of the day & then rinsing it all away with a warm washcloth. The oil works to do the hard work of melting away the majority of what is sitting on the skin’s surface. As oil recognizes oil, if there is an overproduction of sebum on the skin, then the cleanser will work to eliminate a build-up, as well as cleaning out clogged pores & removing dead skin.

Following up with the Facial Cream Cleanser, once again massaging into the face & down the neck helps to remove any leftover residue that the Oil missed or leftover which makes sure the skin is extra cleansed. Cream Cleansers are particularly great for sensitive skin types as they are super gentle. They also work to add another level of hydration, giving a nourished surface for products to easily absorb, allowing them to penetrate deeper into the dermis which in turn makes them even more effective to your skin's health.

Always follow up a double cleanse with other products, most importantly a moisturizer in order to best care for the skin.

Keeping the skin healthy by loading it with lots of soothing nutrients & beneficial ingredients will help improve & maintain skin elasticity, balance oiliness, improve complexion, encourage natural detox, & improve the skin barrier overall making sure it is less vulnerable to environmental aggressors.

So if you are feeling like your skin could use a bit of a boost, don’t forget to drink lots of water & give the double cleanse method a try during your evening ritual.


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