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We are Leaping Bunny Approved! Bishop Botanicals is Officially Cruelty-Free

Bishop Botanicals has achieved Leaping Bunny certification through the CCIC, The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics, which aims to end cosmetic animal testing on a global scale. The Leaping Bunny is the most trusted cruelty-free certification for non-animal tested products.

“Being cruelty-free and achieving the Leaping Bunny certification for Bishop Botanicals is the right thing to do,” Susan Bishop, CEO of Bishop Botanicals said. “We started this journey to demonstrate our commitment to this issue by achieving such an ambitious certification.”

To achieve this certification, we worked with Leaping Bunny to undergo an audit of our supply chain to ensure none of our ingredients, & therefore our products, were tested on animals. Our consumers can have the peace of mind that we have the procedures and policies in place to enable and verify their cruelty-free claims. We have sought to create products that make people feel good while also giving them peace of mind about what they are using & this is definitely a big part of that mission.

This certification marks a new milestone of growth for us & we are so excited to share this announcement with all of you. This demonstrates that you can be an accessible indie brand without inflicting suffering on animals.


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